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Features of autoclaved aerated concrete block production line

November 23, 2022

Features of autoclaved aerated concrete block production line equipment:

1>The whole Aac blocks production line has smooth process, molds, side panels, and steaming vehicles have their own independent circulation routes, and all equipment has no cross-operation, which greatly improves equipment operation efficiency and work safety.

2> The finished product is mechanized, and the release machine sends the green body to the breaker. After the breaker separates the finished product, it is sent to the pallet of the finished product chain conveyor through the clamping machine, and then sent by a forklift after packaging. Stockpiling at the freight yard has changed the original mode of manual handling and manual addition of hammers to separate finished products.

3> The control system of the Aac blocks production line adopts international advanced centralized and segmented control methods, and adopts PLC control system. All processes are completed in the central control room and the operation platform of the ground division section. The work realizes mechanization and automatic production, with less labor and high production efficiency.The loss caused by human error is small, and the product qualification rate is high.