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What is the difference between ordinary concrete bricks and autoclaved lime-sand bricks?

March 01, 2022

Concrete bricks: Mainly mixed with cement, sand, gravel and other raw materials, and the bricks are made by compaction and natural curing, its raw material costs are higher.

Uses: it used for load-bearing walls and masonry with waterproof requirements.

Autoclaved lime-sand bricks: bricks made by compaction and autoclaved curing by using fly ash (power plant sediment) and calcium carbide mud (industrial waste residue), or sand and lime, crushed stone, and slag or others as mixing materials. The cost of raw materials is relatively low.

Uses: Mainly used for load-bearing and unload-bearing walls, such as filling masonry in frame structures.

Price: Compared with the two, depending on the local market, which kind of material cost is low, and which kind of bricks have a lower price. Normally the former is more expensive than the latter.

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