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Application of PLC Technology in Fully Automatic Production Line of Hydraulic Brick Machine

May 18, 2019

First, since the beginning of the use of programmable logic controller PLC, it has made a standard definition for PLC: PLC is a modern control degree that controls the electronic device by means of digital logic operation in special industrial environment. It specifically solves various types of mechanical or production processes for the automation engineering or automation engineering of power systems by using the programmed memory to perform systematic logic operations and sequential calculations on the stored programs inside the PLC.

Second, the characteristics of PLC technology

(1) PLC technology has higher reliability than other technologies

For the production of products using electrical automation companies, high reliability is the main reason for the use of control equipment. As the main process of modern large-scale integrated current technology application, PLC technology not only has advanced anti-interference, but also has more reliability. For the internal control system of PLC technology, it can control the switch contacts of electrical wiring to thousands. One of the points, the coefficient of system failure is greatly reduced; in addition, the PLC system also comes with a self-fault processing system, which not only can issue an alarm when the entire system fails, but also self-adjustment in time, which is The entire system is extremely reliable.

(2) PLC technology functions have gradually improved

With the development of PLC technology to this day, it has already realized a series of products of various sizes, large and medium-sized. Its higher and more comprehensive functions not only provide security for the more demanding power sector, but also It is used in other fields. Because PLC technology mainly carries out enterprise control through superior logic processing functions, PLC technology requires more sophisticated processing system and ability to process files. At the same time, the enhancement of PLC communication capabilities and the rapid development of human-machine interface technology make it very easy to use PLC to form various control systems.

(3) The programming language of PLC technology is more concise and thorough

As a new means and management method of industrial control computer, PLC application technology is more easily understood and familiar by the programming language, and its programming graphics and symbols are more easily understood and recorded.

(4) PLC application technology has lower energy consumption

For PLC application technology, it can not only be applied to different scales of the field, but also save resources for the industry.

(5) PLC application technology has the characteristics of easy maintenance and convenience

Because the PLC application technology uses high-efficiency logic editing instead of large-scale integrated circuit wiring, this appropriately reduces the maintenance work content and work difficulty, and brings convenience and convenience to the industrial maintenance work.

Third, the application of PLC in the automation of JYM series automatic hydraulic brick electrical control system

Adopting German Siemens S7 logic programmable controller (PLC), fully automatic closed-loop control, intelligent adjustment of pressure, filling depth, pressing speed, automatic adaptation to material uniformity and moisture content, and accurate and rapid control of the entire production process, real-time measurement The height of the bricks automatically compensates for the height of the fabric, which effectively guarantees the pass rate of the finished bricks.

The electric control cabinet adopts full sealing treatment and air conditioner constant temperature, which effectively ensures the stable operation of the CPU.

The electrical components adopt international first-line brands such as Siemens of Germany, Schneider of France and SEW of Germany.

In general, after more than 10 years of practice research and development, our company's technicians use PLC technology reasonably and correctly in the JYM series automatic hydraulic brick electrical control system. The control process is more precise and won the praise of users. Into, to make its due contribution to China's brick industry.