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What's the main function of the autoclave in the Aac block production line?

November 30, 2022

Why is the autoclaved aerated block equipment recognized by people? The reason is mainly due to its outstanding product advantages, wide range of applications, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. Green building materials are the most fundamental requirements of modern people for housing, and autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are just in line with people's new needs.

The autoclaved aerated block has strong shock and compression resistance, heat insulation, noise prevention, energy saving, green and pollution-free. These unique advantages not only come from the special source of its production raw materials, but also from the innovation and innovation of the autoclaved aerated block production process. reform. Among them, the autoclave process is the innovation core of the whole production process. The autoclaved aerated concrete block is formed into a green body after static stop and pre-curing. The cutting machine cuts it into the required size, and then sends it into the autoclave for autoclave curing. This section is The top priority of the entire production process is related to the perfect embodiment of the product's advantages of shock resistance, compression resistance, heat insulation, etc. The autoclave process not only ensures the quality of the product, but also enhances the characteristics of the products.