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What is Aac blocks production line ?

November 21, 2022

Main process of Aac blocks production line

Different processes can be used for production according to the type, quality, and process characteristics of the main equipment. But in general, sand aerated concrete is made of river sand, lime, cement as the main raw materials, gypsum and foaming agent, after stirring, pour into the mold frame, after static oxygen foaming and curing, it is cut into various specifications of blocks or panels. The products are sent into the autoclaves by the steam curing car, and the porous and light sand aerated concrete product is formed under the high temperature saturated steam curing.


Advantages of the Aac blocks

It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, durability, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, impermeability, and good anchoring performance. It has the advantages of convenient construction, strong machinability, can reduce the comprehensive cost of buildings, and increase the usable area of ​​buildings. Widely used in industrial and civil buildings, it has become a prosperous wall material with good performance.