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Guangdong Province Huilai Xinjinheng autoclaved brick production site

May 31, 2019

Guangdong Huilai Xinjinheng JYM-1280 autoclaved brick production line matches high-automatic and output robot setting system, which compacts the bricks in a regular way and rotates the green brick as a whole. The adjacent brick layers rotate and stack each other, making the bricks stably and running steadily.

JYM-1280 hydraulic brick press make the brick, solid fine, no waste, neatly stacked robot, super sense of art!

Wish us hand in hand advance together, with our profession achievement your "brick industry", benefits the customer, uses the industry solid waste to realize the resources regeneration, also "the green water blue sky" at the populace!

JYM-1280 autoclaved brick production line